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RAQUEL ANGELOV is going home.
To keep yet another Atlas royal from falling to a deity's influence, Raquel must return to a place she was banished from long ago...Skyhaven, a community of Tempest-blessed zealots that exists outside all kingdom borders. But she vowed never to return for a reason, and when seeking the God of Nature's relic puts her in the path of a dangerous old "friend," it will take all her strength to escape from Skyhaven a second time...and to protect the Atlas princes who followed her there.

THE ATLAS BROTHERS are fighting a new war.
Taunted and tempted by deities intent on their own purposes, Kallias and Finnick Atlas are in for the fight of their lives. Long-kept secrets and long-held grudges threaten the vows sworn between them, and if the brothers can't find their way through the kingdom of their enemies, Atlas may lose its last line of defense..and its last remaining successors.

SOREN ATLAS loves both her kingdoms...but torn loyalties are the perfect seeds for chaos to bloom.
On the run from mercenaries who would see the host of a goddess dead or worse, Soren and Elias find themselves taking shelter somewhere they never thought they'd see again...home. But things in Nyx are not the same as they were. Corrupted magic has crept its way across the Atlas border and brought Tenebrae's influence with it, wiping out entire towns without a single soldier in sight. With the Chaos God gaining ground, the weight of a goddess's soul breaking her body piece by piece, and both of her families in danger, Soren must find a way to save one without sacrificing the other...and without falling prey to the song of discord winding its way through the very heart of Nyx.

The Goddess Eye (New Release!)

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