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The Saltwater Heir

Here's what you can expect to find inside Book 1 of The Blood and Water Saga,


Lost princess trope...with a twist

Everyone knows they're in love...except them

Golden retriever prince in love with the ocean

Chaotic royal siblings


Cautious grumpy X feral sunshine

Low spice

Morally gray trickster prince with a talent for grifting

Idiots to lovers

Realistic sibling relationships (written by someone with three of them)

The Phoenix Priest

Here's what to expect from Book 2 of The Blood and Water Saga,


This character would rather die than have a crush and uh oh why is their heart beating so fast?

Enemies to forced proximity to "You saved me? Why?" to "No one gets to kill you but me." to...? #SlowBurnBaby

Hijinks and Heists

A hot 6'6" baker with tattoos gives people muffins and free therapy



Found family (enemies to brothers version)

Honest, raw portrayal of grief

Puppy-sized dragons. I said what I said.

Crisis of faith

A sassy weaponsmith/inventor provides much-needed comic relief

Unique magic system

The Goddess Eye

Here's what to expect from Book 3 of The Blood and Water Saga,


Proof that the scene after Gale gets whipped in Catching Fire is branded on my brain forever

The Devil Went Down to Georgia, but make it a pirate and a prince

Reluctant allies to friends to sisters

The ending will make you GASP

A proposal worth waiting for...


Lovers to enemies ("why are they still hot that's SO unfair" version)

The slow burn just might finally pay off

It's an ocean kingdom, you knew the pirate arc had to happen EVENTUALLY

Sacrifice takes many forms

This one made my sister cry three times and she has no emotions so you KNOW it hits different

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